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Pros of Recycling Batteries

In this digital world, there are machinery and devices that still use batteries as a source of energy. Batteries make life easy, and they are convenient because they are portable unlike other sources of energy like electricity because you cannot carry electricity. The world has embraced the use of devices and machines that use both batteries and can also be connected directly to electricity. Now that batteries are all over and are used in uncountable applications, how can humans control the number of batteries they sue? Reduce the number of batteries people use in the world by recycling existing ones instead of making news ones because these are the benefits of recycling batteries.

Help the natural landscape to maintain its beauty by recycling your batteries. Batteries are made from a variety of metals like cadmium, lithium, lead, manganese, cobalt, nickel, zinc, steel, mercury, and silver. The natural landscape is beautiful, but the beauty fades away when more mining sites are created since more raw materials must be mined and processed to make the batteries.

Save non-renewable resources by recycling your batteries to help you generate more energy with long-lasting batteries. The batteries have metals that cannot be renewed, but they can be recycled.

There are few dumping fields for waste batteries. Human being need more land for economic benefits and residents instead of creating more dumping sites for batteries that have expired. The world is overwhelmed by the increasing amount of waste when more batteries are used and thrown away, therefore, recycle the batteries to curb the problem of waste.

Recycle the batteries to minimize health complications in living things and deaths. Human beings, plants, and animals are exposed to many health-related risks because of mercury, lead and other poisonous materials that are used to make batteries. When the batteries are disposed of underground the ecosystem tales the poisonous substances that are in them into water bodies thus killing aquatic animals and plants. Plants take in nutrients, water and other substances (like metals that are in the batteries) that mix in the water thus making the plants poisonous to human beings and animals who eat them. Many people are aware that once the batteries dispose of the mercury and the lead in the soil, radiation can occur which increase s the risks of humans contracting skin cancer.

Recycle the batteries to reduce the risks of fire breakouts. When you dump batteries in one place, you increase the risk of fire explosion because the little charge in every battery can build up an explosive amount of energy because these are old batteries that are not in good shape. A fire outbreak from batteries can be uncontrollable because it may get to critical levels.


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